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Some PRC-2010 GO's

Circular Memo.No:33327-A/549/A1/PC-I/2009 dt:13.3.2010 Fixation of Pay

GO.Ms.No:93 dt:3.4.2010 AAS                                                                                                      

GO.Ms.No:139 dt:28.4.2010 Spl CA to the Employees Working in Scheduled Areas

GO.Ms.No:151 dt:4.5.2010 Leave Travel Concession

GO.Ms.No:154 dt:4.5.2010 Leave on Half Pay at the time of Retirement

GO.Ms.No:155 dt:4.5.2010 Ex-gratia Allowance

GO.Ms.No:174 dt:15.5.2010 House Building Advance

GO.Ms.No:175 dt:15.5.2010 Recommendation of PRC-2010

GO.Ms.No:186 dt:24.5.2010 Enhancement of anticipatory pension

GO.Ms.No:238 dt:1.7.2010 TA Rules,

Memo.No.12254/133/PC-II/2010 dt:30.8.2010 Stepping up of the Pay in Respect of Teachers

RC.No.M1/12102/2010 dt:20.9.2010 Stepping up of the Pay in Respect of Teachers

GO.Ms.No:315 dt:7.10.2010 Categorization of Family Pension

Memo.No.14568 dt:31.1.2011 Payment of DA during the period of Leave on Half Pay-Clarification

GO.Ms.No:28 dt:9.3.2011 Payment of HRA & CCA while on Leave of all kinds in respect of State Govt Employees

GO.Ms.No.29 dt:9.3.2011 Payment of HRA & CCA while on Leave on the ground of Suffering Cancer and other ailments...

GO.Ms.No.97 dt:21.5.2011 Personal Computer Advance

GO.Ms.No.98 dt:21.5.2011 Leave Travel Concession to Govt Servant-Permission to travel anywhere in India on LTC once in entire service

Memo No.5465 dt 14.3.12-Stepping of Senior with Junior after availing AAS and FR22B-Clarifications